September Green Business Roundtable - Strategies and Tactics to Make American Manufacturing Competitive

Green Business Roundtable invites all interested in issues at the intersection of business and sustainability to join us for networking, discussion and insight.

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Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm
Location: Offices of Green America - 1612 K St. NW, Washington, DC
  (nearest Metros - Farragut North and Farragut West)
Lunch included.

September 6 Green Business Roundtable


This month's topic  - Strategies and Tactics to Make American Manufacturing Competitive

In the US, heating and cooling account for more than 30% of total energy use across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, costing $270 billion annually. Despite its large energy and carbon footprint, the use of renewable energy for heating and cooling applications has received very little attention in comparison with renewable electricity. Because heating and cooling comprise such a large percentage of energy and fossil fuel use, it will be impossible to achieve long-term climate and energy goals without dramatically increasing the use of renewable heating and cooling. Ryan Hodum will discuss a nascent effort led by large manufacturers and non-profit organizations, aimed at identifying and eliminating barriers that make purchasing renewable thermal energy so expensive. The conversation will focus on strategies and tactics to make American manufacturing competitive and think through with attendees how to put the ‘energy’ back in renewable energy, in order to decarbonize the manufacturing energy load and solve for both electricity and thermal needs.


This month's speaker - Ryan Hodum, Vice President, David Gardiner and Associates

Ryan Hodum has more than a decade of experience helping businesses, foundations, and non-profit organizations understand complex sustainability challenges and capture opportunities, especially focused on energy policy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. He is currently Vice President at David Gardiner and Associates (DGA), a strategic advisory firm focused on climate change, clean energy, and sustainability. Prior to joining DGA, Ryan worked at the U.S. Department of State on international climate and clean energy partnerships in Asia, with a particular focus on China and India.

Thanks again to Green America for partnering with Green Business Roundtable and hosting this month's gathering

September 6 Green Business Roundtable