Jigar Shah to be guest at November 11 Green Business Roundtable

Join us for the November Green Business RoundtableTM

Date: Monday, Nov. 11

Time: 11:30 - 1:00 (includes lunch)
Location: SEIA Conference Room - 505 9th St. NW, Washington, DC (Close to  Gallery Place and Metro Center stations)

Registration: $22 early bird (until Nov. 7); $27 regular registration; $30 walk-in (includes lunch)


TOPIC: How Climate Change represents a multi-trillion dollar entrepreneurial opportunity

There are already 100,000 businesses deploying climate change solutions, companies that see the promise in addressing this monumental issue.  Jigar will discuss five tools to scale up these businesses and industries, expanding the pie for everyone while ensuring a better future for our environment.  

SPEAKER: Jigar Shah

Jigar Shah was the Founder and CEO of SunEdison, a transformative solar company that helped redefine the business model for solar energy.  He was the first CEO of the Carbon War Room - the global organization founded by Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Unite to help entrepreneurs address climate change. He is the author of Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy.


Special by-invitation-only game testing November 6

http://www.steveoffutt.com/p/green-business-roundtable.htmlAs a follow up to the October 1 Green Business Roundtable, our guest, Jonathan Estes, will be testing two games under real gaming conditions with specially invited guests on November 6.

Details as follows:

Date: Wednesday, Nov 6
Time: 6:00 - 8:30 PM
Location: WWF Conference facility (1250 24th St. NW)
Registration: By invitation only.  Pizzas and beverages will be provided to participants.  (A limited number of observer-only tickets are available.  Click below for details.)
Sponsors: Green Business Roundtable | Green Diamond | Smart Green Institute


Founder of the Smart Green Institute and Executive at Green Diamond, Jonathan Estes, will be testing two new games that are slated for release soon.  The Green Business Roundtable is extending invitations to play these new games to people with expertise or interest in these issue areas.  If you have received an invitation, please register above, so that we can track our players.

Descriptions of the games:

How climate change impacts global systems, including food, population, fuel, water, economy, and politics are often too complex to appreciate or connect to on a personal level.  In the game, GAIA, you will experience the tensions and challenges in choosing between fuel types, diminishing resources, changes in climate, increasing population, and actual global events much as world leaders face when addressing the issue of climate change. 

Smart Green
For a small business striving to become more sustainable, there are many potential projects and strategies to choose from: energy efficiency, renewable energy, charitable giving, and reducing potable water use and others.  One of the most important steps in sustainable development is greening your supply chain.  In Smart Green, you set up a business, implement projects (through resources), establish a green supply chain, and win by being the first to complete your green supply chain.

Big increase in bicycles at Swanson Middle School

School is back in session for 2013, and my local Middle School has a big increase in bicycles parked on its racks.  Since I walk and cycle by here regularly, I have made a habit of taking a look at the bike racks.  They are now officially full: 32 bikes parked on September 9 and again on September 13.

As I've mentioned in my previous posts (here and here), I think these are the smartest kids in the school.

Photo from September 9

Photo from September 13