October 1 Green Business Roundtable - Games & Game Theory

Join us for this month's Green Business RoundtableTM

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 1

Time: 11:30 - 1:00 (includes lunch)
Location: WWF Conference Center - 1250 24th St. NW (between M and N Sts. NW - Dupont or Foggy Bottom Metro stops.  Bikeshare station at 24 & N.)

Registration: $22 early bird (EXTENDED); $29 after midnight on September 27; $30 walk-in (includes lunch)


TOPIC: How Games, Models and Simulations can Help Solve Environmental and Sustainability Challenges

In rapidly changing environments, conventional decision-making approaches and innovation investments are not only inadequate, but a serious liability. Increased resilience and adaptability are of paramount importance for any organization. Though the levels of funding and mission requirements differ in scale, the underlying dynamics and decision processes are the same. How do you institutionalize the ability to respond quickly and creatively to dynamic situations?

Research at the intersection of computer science, psychology, neurology, and social science is confirming that experiences with new game theory-based solutions are transferable to the real world.  What are these new game theory-based solutions?  The term “serious games” refers to utilizing in-depth strategic game technologies and approaches to aid decision making.  Imagine a “SimFirm” game model loosely based on a commercial application such as SimCity™. With a virtual representation of a corporate network and the power to introduce sustainable policies and technologies, the consequences of alternative decisions can be explored and plans for effectively responding to disruptive events and opportunities can be developed. 

Speaker: Jonathan Estes

Jonathan Estes is a Principal Consultant for Green Diamond Solutions of Arlington, VA.  He has worked over twenty years as an educator, business owner, analyst, and sustainability expert. A compelling and insightful writer and popular keynote speaker, he has presented the concepts and trends of measuring and communicating business value in a variety of conferences and publications. His area of specialty is sustainability analytics for facilities. In his book, Smart Green, published in March 2009, Jonathan outlines the key sustainability processes leaders in all sectors need to be aware of to be sustainable and successful. 

Jonathan is the founder of Smart Green Institute, Inc., a serious game company that provides integration services to the public and private sectors in the use of game theory, online games, and board games to inspire innovation, facilitate behavior change, and improve strategic planning.



  1. Hi there, is there any way someone who can't make it in person can participate or view a recording afterwards? Or if there are notes that would be great, too. Thanks!
    Colleen Butterfield

    1. Hello Colleen,
      I wish that were the case, but we don't currently have the capability to tape the roundtables, nor do we have any staffing for taking notes. If the speaker brings anything worthwhile, I will post.

  2. I'm thrilled. We are starting a school-based program that gets kids and parents and teachers to make a commitment to reduce their carbon footprints significantly and ASAP. We need a game to let families compete against each other in the race to zero. Could not be more timely. Check out https://www.facebook.com/events/211745955651230/ for the basic idea. We're starting in MD but ready to come to VA next.

  3. Here is information about our speaker. Thanks, all, for coming.
    Jonathan M. Estes
    (919) 699-5242