What is Wrong Here

Tn_bike I'm getting ready to participate in Bike to Work Day, as I've done every year for the last decade or so, if I haven't been traveling out of town. I came across this nice idea on the BikeArlington site: you can borrow a bike for free to use for Bike to Work Day. Bike the Sites is making them available at the Bike Oasis. Unfortunately, neither of their web sites, nor the WABA web site mentions this great opportunity, so I'm not sure how people will find out about it.

Bopic3 So I'm looking at the Bike Oasis web site and I noticed their pricing: $7/hr & $35/day for a comfort bike; $10/hr & $50/day for other bikes.

Something seems wrong to me here. About 6-8 times a year I go to Enterprise and rent a car for $17/day over the weekend. I can rent it all weekend and pay for gas for under $50. Even on a weekday I can usually get a $35/day rate. That's to rent a $17,000 car. How can it cost just as much to rent a $650 bicycle? If I have a family of 3, am I going to spend $150 to rent 3 hybrids for a day? Even just 3 hours on the comfort bikes would set me back $63. . .and I'd be checking my watch to make sure I get back before the 3 hours are up so it doesn't cost me another $21.
I understand that Bike the Sites is a business, and they have to make money, but something still seems out of whack when I can rent a car for less than I can rent a bike.

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