Book on Cap and Trade

I have recently been contacted by a business publisher to write a book on Cap and Trade. This is an exciting opportunity, and I am both excited and humbled to take on this task.

UPDATE - As of late January, 2010, Bloomberg has gotten out of the publishing business, so this project has ended. I may be taking on another book project, so keep on eye on my blog.

I would like the help of my readers and followers. In order to make the book as useful as possible I need to know what the issues are that readers would like to have addressed. The book will not be a policy book; it will be a business book. With that in mind I would sincerely appreciate business people letting me know what they would like to see in the book.
- What are your questions about Cap and Trade?
- What are issues related to your business or industry that if you understood better would help you make better decisions?
- What other issues or questions do you feel are important to cover in a book on Cap and Trade?

Please provide me with your thoughts and ideas so that I can make this book as useful as possible. You may comment below or send an email to me directly at

Thanks a lot for your help.

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