Climate Decade in Review Post 4: ExxonMobil Shareholders Make a Statement

May 25, 2005 – 28.3% of Exxon shareholders--a record number--supported a resolution requesting that the company's board of directors undertake a comprehensive review on how it will meet the greenhouse gas reductions targets in countries participating in the Kyoto Protocol. The 28.3 percent support represented 1.5 billion shares with a market value of about $83.8 billion.

Shareholder resolutions related to climate change and the business risks associated with them are becoming more common. Companies like Calvert, Pax World and Domini Social Investments are putting their money behind fighting global climate change.

This is one in the series of "Climate Decade in Review" posts on this blog that began in January 2010. These posts present climate-change-related events that occurred during the 00's, the warmest decade in recorded history.

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