Obama's Earth Day Message and Challenge

The White House released this video advocating that citizens across the country do their part to help in addressing our environmental problems.

Although President Obama claims that our environment is cleaner than it was 40 years ago on the original Earth Day, that is true only if you look at it from certain perspectives. Certainly if we include the entire earth (not just the United States), that would be absolutely untrue.

Check my Twitter feed for some of the changes that have occurred since that first Earth Day. Some are better, some are worse. Most critically, when it comes to the largest environmental issue of all--climate change--we have made no progress and are continuing down a very dangerous and potentially disastrous path. (Also see my Climate Decade in Review posts for more on what has and has not happened in the last ten years).

That said, I stand alongside President Obama in urging people to take action on Earth Day and every day.

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