Day Three: Everything You Need to Know About Global Warming in Thirteen Days

"3) Several other factors, like changes in solar output, have major influences on climate over millennia, but these effects have been observed and measured. They alone cannot explain the rise in the global temperature over the past 50 years."

As many others have debunked (see for instance), solar activity cannot explain the rise in temperatures that have been experienced over the last one hundred years.  Especially lately, because temperatures are setting new high records while solar activity has been at historic lows.  Nor can any other non-human factor.  The only way to explain the rise in temperatures that has been experienced is through the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations from the emissions from us humans.

[This one of a series of daily posts I am drawing from Jeremy Grantham's Summer 2010 Investment letter.  Mr. Grantham is on the Board of Directors of GMO LLC, a global investment firm with over $100 billion under management.  Mr. Grantham takes a large, worldview perspective on investments--with an eye toward long-term trends.  He is right-on about the impact of global warming.]

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