The irony of Exxon ads among the photos of Philippine destruction

I visited the USA Today website to find news about Super Typhoon Haiyan. They had a photo gallery of images of the destruction.  Very graphic and disturbing.   Every fifth click I would get this image:

I hope I am not the only person to see the enormous irony of these ExxonMobil ads mixed in with photos like these:
A man walks among debris of destroyed houses in Tacloban.

A view of the typhoon-ravaged city of Tacloban, Philippines, on Nov. 9.

The fossil fuel industry has blocked meaningful progress on climate change for years.  ExxonMobil has been one of the biggest supporters of deniers and organizations that work against solving the climate crisis.  All the while there is more and more evidence that the most powerful tropical storms--of which Haiyan is now the poster child--are becoming even more powerful.

Irony cubed.

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