Energy Star Benchmarking

Understanding your building's energy performance is a critical first step to improving that performance.  The EPA ENERGY STAR offers an excellent resource that allows buildings of all types compare their performance to other, comparable buildings.

The tool is called Portfolio Manager, and it uses national databases along with your building's utility bills to benchmark your building.  Every building should perform a benchmark.  How else can the building managers know how their building is doing?

Steve Offutt worked on the development of the ENERGY STAR programs in the 1990's and is uniquely qualified to assist any building owner or manager in obtaining their benchmark score, understanding what it means, keeping it updated and using the information to create an energy strategy.

New York City, through Local Law 84 and Washington DC require certain buildings to obtain an ENERGY STAR benchmark score.  However, every building can benefit from benchmarking their energy performance, whether they are required to or not.

Contact me about assisting with your ENERGY STAR benchmark.

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