The Last Mile

I live 1.1 miles from the East Falls Church metro, which can be a pleasant walk on a 75 degree day, but is pretty miserable on days like today or in the rain. One of the hardest nuts to crack for transit providers has been that last mile. Most of the way to and from my destination I can take a transit vehicle, but the last little bit to the front door I can't. Watch this video for an idea whose time has more than come.

Although this is not appropriate for my neighborhood, there are lots of places in the greater DC area where a PRT (personal rapid transit) system like this could really work. A few I can think of are: N. Bethesda/Medical Center, Tysons Corner (particularly after the rail is built, but there's no reason it can't be designed in now), Springfield, Silver Spring, National Harbor (cool if it could be extended over the river to Alexandria, too!), etc.

Imagine how it could be used to transform some of our urban and suburban areas. Well implemented it can reduce the need for parking lots, which can then be converted to better use: retail, office, parks, housing, etc. (any use is better than parking!).

More info here and here and here.

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  1. Hey, check out these videos of the Heathrow ULTra in action. with a handheld camera by Peter Muller of PRT Consulting)