Climate Decade in Review - Post 18: GHG Protocol Published

September 2001 - The World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) published the first edition of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The Protocol included two parts: the Corporate GHG Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard and the GHG Protocol for Project Accounting.
The first is a methodology for corporate entities to account for their greenhouse gas emissions (also called an inventory). The second provides a methodology for determining the GHG savings associated with GHG mitigation projects.

After the development of the Kyoto Protocol, there was a growing and critical need for standardized methodologies for accounting for greenhouse gases. WBCSD and WRI launched the GHG Protocol Initiative in 1998 to develop exactly that, and it was officially unveiled in September 2001. The GHG Protocol has remained the most widely used and accepted protocol for GHG accounting. The Corporate Module was revised in 2004 ; the Project module was revised in 2005.

This is one in the series of "Decade in Review" posts on this blog that began in January 2010. These posts present climate-change-related events that occurred during the 00's, the warmest decade in recorded history.

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