Monday What's on the Web: Nasa's Eyes on the Earth

Each Monday I highlight other bloggers or web contributors who are making important or interesting contributions to climate, sustainability, transportation or market transformation. Check back each week for another installment.
NASA's Climate Change web site is an enormous wealth of information and kept right up to date.  In addition to having the enormity of information about climate that it collects, it does so with some nice graphics and interactive displays.  There's so much on this site, it's impossible to cover it all in one short blog post.  You must visit for yourself.  Unquestionably you will find yourself surfing to an area of interest.  Some of those might be:

Climate Change Evidence: How do we know?
State of Flux: then and now - NASA photos from the past and the present that visually demonstrate the changes taking place on our planet
Mission - Descriptions of the 16 missions NASA has going that are studying our climate.  A great place for space junkies

And there's more, like a sea-level viewer, a climate time machine and other excellent tools. Enjoy!

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