The Multi-Mode, Car-Free trip to the party

On Monday I attended the Queen's Day celebration at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC.  As it turned out, the trip to and from utilized numerous modes of travel that all added together to make for an interesting trip as shown on this map.

View Steve's Multi-Mode Car-Free Trip in a larger map

Here's how it went, with the travel mode for each segment shown in BOLD:

- I biked from my house to the East Falls Church Metro station, a distance of about 1.1 miles (BIKE)
- Boarded the Orange Line into DC and exited at Farragut West (METRO)
- I took the Farragut Crossing "invisible tunnel" transfer, walking to Farragut North (WALK)
- Boarded the Red Line in the direction of Shady Grove (METRO)
- Exited at Cleveland Park and walked a couple of blocks to where a Car2Go vehicle was parked on Ordway St., NW (WALK).
- I drove the car 1.1 miles to the Embassy. I was able to park really close, because I squeezed into a little, bitty spot.  (CARSHARE)
Car2Go parked on Linnean St. by the Royal Netherlands Embassy

I then enjoyed the party for a couple of hours, leaving about 9:45 to head home
- The Car2Go was still parked where I left it, so I drove it back to Cleveland Park and parked it on a meter right by the Capital Bikeshare station (CARSHARE).  Had the car not been there, I would have walked to the Van Ness Metro station, which is about a 12-15 minute walk.
- Rode the CaBi bike from Cleveland Park to 21st & I St. NW, 2.5 miles, which took 14 minutes (BIKESHARE). This was much faster than getting on the Metro and having to transfer at Metro Center.  Also, the weather was cool and beautiful, which made the bike ride very pleasant.
- Walked 3 minutes to Foggy Bottom Metro station (WALK)
- Boarded the Orange Line in the direction of Vienna (METRO)
- Exited at East Falls Church and rode my bike back home (BIKE)

Obviously this trip was made possible because I have memberships in CaBi and Car2Go.  In fact, my Car2Go trips were free, because this was my first time using it, and I still had 30 minutes of free use from my joining promotion.  Without that promo, the trips would have cost about $3.40 each way.

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