July Green Business Roundtable - Triggering Environmental Change Through Social Marketing

Join us for this month's Green Business RoundtableTM.

Date: Wed., July 17
Time: 12:00 - 1:30 (note this is 30 minutes later than usual)

Location: 509 9th St., NW  Washington, DC  20004 (map)
Registration: $22 early bird; $29 after noon on July 15 (includes lunch); $30 walk-in


TOPIC: Triggering Environmental Change Through Social Marketing

By focusing on the emotional and psychological landscape we can develop "triggers" to engage a person with justifications to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Often, one of these triggers is not sufficient alone; we need to layer several triggers on top of each other in order to achieve lasting behavior change. We will explore a few of these triggers and explore how to scale them to wider populations.

Guest Presenter: Scott Ankeny, Founder of Going Green Today

Scott has 15 years experience working within the intersections of Sustainability, Conscious Business and Media.  Recently relocating to the DC area from Los Angeles, Scott has worked in the publishing and product development worlds as part of his dedication to building an 
environmentally sustainable world. 

He is the founder of GoingGreenToday.com.  GGT is an online tool that personalizes green coaching for the average citizen.  GGT is teaming with municipalities across the country to scale ecological behavioral change and foster environmental stewardship. Using the GGT platform and understanding the triggers of behavior change combined with social media, Scott and his team can teach anyone, anywhere how to save $2000 while reducing their carbon footprint by 1/3rd.