Monday What's on the Web: Skeptical Science

Every Monday I highlight other bloggers or web contributors who are making important or interesting contributions to climate, sustainability, transportation or market transformation. Check back each week for another installment.
----------------------------Skeptical Science is a website and blog devoted to cataloging and responding to the arguments that are brought up in the media and elsewhere that run counter to the view that climate change is happening and that humans are responsible. The web site is run and maintained by John Cook, an Australian. The goal of the web site is to explain what peer-reviewed science has to say about climate change and apply it against the arguments that are frequently seen in the media and on the web. Currently he catalogs 114 of these arguments. The site does not get involved in any of the political arguments.

For instance, some of the common arguments he deals with are:
The home page is an active blog that focuses its discussion on the science of climate change. This blog is widely read--so much so, in fact, that Christopher Monckton, the infamous climate denier, has recently responded directly to a post on the site.

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