Day Thirteen (final day): Everything You Need to Know About Global Warming in Thirteen Days

"13) Almost everyone wants to hear good news. They want to believe that dangerous global warming is a hoax. They, therefore, desperately want to believe the skeptics. This is a problem for all of us."

I might suggest that not everyone wants to believe it's a hoax.  The good news I would like to hear is rather that there are some countervailing feedbacks or other factors that will lessen the impact of climate change.  Or that unintentional errors have been found that indicate it will not be the catastrophe that many scientists are predicting.  I think that if we learned it was an actual hoax, that would create problems for many other issues that are reliant on science.

So, agreed that people want to hear good news.  Agreed that people don't want climate change to be as bad as predicted.  Agreed that hearing the bad news from the scientists is unpleasant.  Disagreed that people want to believe it's a hoax necessarily, but agreed that they would like to believe it won't be so bad.

Agreed that this is a problem for all of us.

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[This one of a series of daily posts I am drawing from Jeremy Grantham's Summer 2010 Investment letter.  Mr. Grantham, a contrarian, is on the Board of Directors of GMO LLC, a global investment firm with over $100 billion under management.  Mr. Grantham takes a large, worldview perspective on investments--with an eye toward long-term trends.  He is right-on about the impact of global warming.]

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