Day Twelve: Everything You Need to Know About Global Warming in Thirteen Days

"12) Almost no one wants to change. The long-established status quo is very comfortable, and we are used to its deficiencies. But for this problem we must change. This is never easy."

photo by fouro on flickr
Change is hard, as Mr Grantham points out.  It's hard even when the positive outcomes are apparent and the sacrifices are small or non-existent.  It's even harder when the outcomes are less clear and the apparent effort, cost or sacrifices seem large.  No wonder taking action on climate change is so difficult.  Also, throw in the fact that the changes require worldwide cooperation to at least some degree, an enormous variety of differing interests, possible threats to the well being of some industries and politics and it's easy to see why action is not taking place.

Unfortunately, I do not have good answers for how to get people of governments to take action.  I suppose if I did, I would have more influence that what I am able to exert with this blog.

[This one of a series of daily posts I am drawing from Jeremy Grantham's Summer 2010 Investment letter.  Mr. Grantham, a contrarian, is on the Board of Directors of GMO LLC, a global investment firm with over $100 billion under management.  Mr. Grantham takes a large, worldview perspective on investments--with an eye toward long-term trends.  He is right-on about the impact of global warming.]

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