Monday What's on the Web: The Urbanophile

Every Monday I highlight other bloggers or web contributors who are making important or interesting contributions to climate, sustainability, transportation or market transformation. Check back each week for another installment.
The Urbanophile is an award-winning blog that focuses on cities--understanding how they work and providing ideas and thought leadership on ways to improve them for the 21st century.  It is written by Aaron M. Renn, who's short bio reads: "Aaron M. Renn is an opinion-leading urban analyst, consultant, speaker, and writer on a mission to help America’s cities thrive and find sustainable success in the 21st century." (Full bio here.)

He lives in the Chicago area and likes to focus on what he calls America's "everyday" cities--often in the Midwest.  His ideas would be considered progressive urbanist, and they jive well with the focus of this blog--transformation to a more sustainable world.

Some recent posts include (warning: some of his posts can be very long and detailed):

Commuting Market Share is the Wrong Way to Judge Transit
From a guest blogger, Randy Simes: Cincinnati's Dramatic, Multi-Billion Dollar Riverfront Revitalization Nearly Complete
Buffalo, You are Not Alone

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