80,000 Tons!!

Congratulations Arlington!

Picture4 Arlington’s design: urban villages, excellent transit, good pedestrian and bicycle facilities, make saving gasoline (and greenhouse gases) easier than most places. Many Arlingtonians are able to get to their jobs, take care of their daily tasks, visit friends and participate in community life without having to drive everywhere. Less driving means less air pollution and less greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reduce our climate change impact.

P22aTransportation statistics bear this out. In the whole Washington region, almos3421745_20eb9c1552_ot 3 out of 4 workers (74%) drive alone to work, while in Arlington it’s a little over 50%. This difference means about 80,000 fewer tons of CO2 are being emitted than if Arlington County were like the regional average—just from these commuting trips. That’s also more than 8 million gallons of gasoline being saved each year!I_walkclipart_1

Also remarkable is that more than 40% of non-work trips by Arlingtonians are made without driving—the majority of these on foot.

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