Deutsche Bank Crushes Skeptic Arguments

Earlier this week, Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors issued the report, Climate Change: Addressing the Major Skeptic Arguments.  In it, they deconstruct the main arguments skeptics have been using over the last decade to resist the need for stronger action on climate change.  Climate Progress also has a good post on this paper.

The last paragraph of the Executive Summary reads:
Simply put, the science shows us that climate change due to emissions of greenhouse gases is a serious problem.  Furthermore, due to the persistence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the lag in response of the climate system, there is a very high probability that we are already heading towards a future where warming will persist for thousands of years.  Failing to insure against that high probability does not seem a gamble worth taking. (emphasis added)

It deals with each of these skeptic arguments and finds all of them lacking:
  • The climate has not warmed since 1998
  • It's all a hoax
  • Climate models are defective
  • The signature of greenhouse gases causing warming is missing in the atmosphere
  • The Medieval Warm Period was warmer than now
  • GHG increases lag temperature increases, they don't cause them
  • It's the sun
  • Water vapor is way, way more important than CO2
  • The sensitivity in the models is wrong
  • Increased CO2 is actually good
  • We've adapted before, so we can again
Although the paper is long, the Executive Summary is not too long.  I strongly recommend it.

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