Monday What's on the Web: The Washcycle

Every Monday I highlight other bloggers or web contributors who are making important or interesting contributions to climate, sustainability, transportation or market transformation. Check back each week for another installment.
The WashCycle is DC's most well-known blog specifically dedicated to bicycling in the region.  It takes a very partisan view (of which I am pretty much on board with) that cyclists and cycling could benefit from much more support from all angles: funding, government, business, media, etc.

It covers the news related to cycling as well as issues.  Most posts get from a few to numerous comments--primarily from the bicycling community.  It's very worthwhile to follow if you are a resident of the DC area and cycle even just occasionally.  Also, if you are interested in transportation issues in general and how cycling fits in with them. . .and how the cycling community views these issues.

Recent posts include:

15th Street Expansion and redesign

Are shower requirements like minimum parking requirements

More on trail crossings of roads



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